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Box Girder Cranes

Box Girder Cranes Hollowcore Precast Concrete Manufacturing

Innovated Industrial Services, Inc. sets itself apart from the competition. We are the only crane company in Florida that actually designs and builds box girder beams “in house” for high capacity large span box girders. Each box girder is manufactured by certified welders in the USA, many companies cannot build the girders or do not have the facility to build the girders therefore outsourcing the fabrication. We design and fabricate the overhead box girder crane systems in our Bartow plant, after they are manufactured each box girder will receive a high quality paint job enhancing the overall look and quality of an Innovated Industrial Services, Inc. overhead crane system.

Box girders are commonly built with either 4 or in some cases 8 wheels and can be built to have two hoists on a single trolley or two separate hoists. All of Innovated Industrial Services, Inc. overhead box girder cranes are tested and shipped worldwide fully assembled or broke down.

Design Details

Double girder overhead bridge cranes can be constructed with either structural steel beams (W flange beams) or welded steel plates, commonly known as box girders. Most bridge cranes up to 60 – 65’ span are constructed of structural steel.

The type of bridge girder is determined by considering both the span and capacity of the application. Box girder cranes have a very light weight to span ratio and in many cases can reduce the size of the runway and building structure required to support them as well as reduce the cost of the crane itself.

Four wheeled overhead bridge cranes are good for most applications but in some cases an 8 wheeled or double bogie crane is more practical. Double bogie cranes spread the loads out over 4 wheels at each end of the bridge allowing the runway rail size to be reduced and in some cases, the runway girders themselves to be lighter weight.

Available Options:

• Electronic soft start
• Side guide rollers on bridge end trucks
• Variable and 2 speed controls
• Notched free traveling pendant station
• Rubber crane bumpers
• Collector mounting posts
• Bogie end trucks
• Radio controls
• Sequencing lights
• Tare weight display
• Position indicators
• Anti-sway/swing capabilities
• Anti-collision/Collision avoidance systems
• Magnet operations
• Auxiliary hoists
• Catwalks
• Cab operation
• Special lighting
• Tropical/outdoor application protection
• Special coatings, epoxy, galvanized, powder coated
• Custom colors & logos


• Coil handling
• Paper roll handling
• Relocating Dies
• Steel Slitting
• Foundries
• Forging plants